CSS Executive Board Nominations Now Open

CSS Executive Board Nominations Now Open

The Comics Studies Society (CSS) calls for nominations and self-nominations for officers on its Executive Board. The Board is interested in welcoming talented colleagues for the positions of Second Vice-President and two Members-at-Large.

  • The Second Vice President commits to a four-year term of office in which one rises from Second Vice President to First Vice President then President and finally Past President.
  • The Executive Secretary serves a three-year term.
  • Members-at-Large serve two-year terms.

Details about the responsibilities of each position are available here. Information for joining the Society is at CSS website. We encourage nominations and self-nominations from comics scholars working in diverse locations and on all aspects of comics studies.

Please submit your nomination and self-nominations to Safiyya Hosein (safiyya.hosein@torontomu.ca). Nominees should include a short biography (100-200 words) no later than April 5, 2023. If a nominee is not currently a CSS member, they must join the society in order to be nominated.